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Rusty, Stickers, Swirl & Johnny!

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What great pics! Have fun with your guests!

Look at all the beautiful hounds. Are they the extended family?
Big ol' wrinkly Hound Paws!
Look at all the red-and-whites!!!! My girls are being picked up either tonight or tomorrow a.m. I bathed them and did their nails last night, then we all curled up under blankies while they dried. I'll miss them :( .......
All the pups in this litter look identical. All very similar to their Uncle Rusty!!! The breeder is taking several of the pups to the Nationals. That's why we're dogsitting these two. Her Husband will take care of her 3 adult hounds plus the horses & cows at home!!!!!!! Her dogs continue to amaze me. These pups are so well mannered and calm for their age!!

Hope your hounds do well at the show!!!!!!!!!! :D :D
Don't you just love mild mannered basset hounds? People and dog friends can come over and there is never a ruckus!
oh my. . . im seeing double. they are adorable.

i wish i could jump on a flight and come and play for a few hours!

great pics - really made me smile on a miserable day! thanks :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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