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Rusty Pictures

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Well, we tried on lots of costumes today. Nothing seemed to fit my boy just right. He is very big across the chest and most shirts were just too tight. Everyone in the store was gathered around him. He wasn't amused! So, we decided he should wear this halloween scarf and a Harley hat! Here he is!! Ready for the party on Friday night :lol: :lol: :lol:

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:D Poor Rusty. He does not look like he wants to be wearing any of that get-up. What a good boy to let you take pictures of him. Ben and Lucy say, "we sympathize with you, poor Rusty."
He looks kinda ticked off! But, still very handsome. :)
Your dogs are so beautiful, I always enjoy seeing their pictures- but Rusty definitely is not sharing in the Halloween spirit! :lol:
He looks thrilled. :p
How adorable! He needs a little Harley Davidson wagon! I know how hard this is --Elmer hates his little Batman ears hat! :lol:
Maybe Rusty will wear his Halloween costume with pride when he finds out all the ladies love "Harley Dudes".
He does look so adorable, but very unhappy about posing for pictures. I get those same looks from Bogie at times when I try to get that perfect photo.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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