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I know I'm overdue posting these. But I've finally downloaded and uploaded the photos from the December Hunt in E-town. Pinkwhip, I have a pic of your special award, but I want your permission before I post your picture. These are pictures from the second cast. Since Hazley was in the first, I was a bit nervous, so I didn't want to be running around with her and my camera. Tim and Dean, can you help me with names?
The Bunninator - Belle

Hare Bawl

Riley (The big red dog) -- Hare Bawl -- Belle -- and Wench

Riley and Hare Bawl

Probably Hare Bawl and Muttley

Wench and Muttley

Muttley and Wench


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I like that second dog. Looks like a real go-getter.

I'm glad you posted these. Seems like people don't post too many pictures of the hunting hounds. Over on the AHBA site there's all these field and bench results and hound of the year and there's no pictures to go with the names.

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picture # I is Belle without her vest
#2 is Hare Bawl
#3 is Riley (The big red dog) -- hare bawl -- Belle -- and Wench
#4 is Riley and Hare bawl
#5 probably Hare Bawl and Muttley
#6 Wench and Muttley
#7 Muttley and Wench
#8 Belle
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