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Rufus and Emma still need a home-Video

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I posted this on the other post, but I wanted to post again, to get your attention and to show you guys the video. : )

uglyengineer's Channel - YouTube

This is Emma giving birth to Bowser and his siblings. Now, I don't think the people did a great job here, but my point is that Emma is SO sweet and good natured, and Rufus is adorable trying to see the puppies and comfort Emma. I think you can see how it would be horrible to break them up! Since this, Emma got accidentally pregnant (while the couple was getting divorced) and had only one puppy...and was then spayed.
Rufus is only a year older than Emma, and Emma is only a little over a year in this video (so she's now about/almost 3 or so).

They are potty trained, and can use a doggy door. I will post as many photos as I have of them at the time. I actually have some pics of them as puppies!

Please talk to friends or family in the area (Bakersfield, California). I am in Ventura, CA and would be willing to pick them up and drive them to you if you're within about a day's driving distance : )

(Okay, so there is photos here of Rufus, and Emma, as puppies. I also added a pic of Emma and the last puppy she had...the baby is pulling her ear...and THAT my friends, is a tolerant mama!)
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