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Ruby's voice just squeaked!

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It was real funny! She and I were "talking with each other" with her making grumbling noises and me mimicing her but ending it with a question tone of voice.

Then she barked and her bark ended with a squeak! It was sooooooo funny that I almost wet my pants. It was as if she was trying to get her voice to end with a question tone.

Maybe not tho.....either way, no pants were harmed in the making of this humor :lol: and I got a good laugh out of my silly home-entertainment-center (aka THE Ruby!)
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When Max has a toy or bone Sadie wants she will bark do this pathetic sounding cry. She wont' try to take it from him, she just barks and cries. Max is such a stinker that he will parade it right in front of her face growling the whole time and then if she does try to grab at it he quickly turns away with it.
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