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Ruby's voice just squeaked!

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It was real funny! She and I were "talking with each other" with her making grumbling noises and me mimicing her but ending it with a question tone of voice.

Then she barked and her bark ended with a squeak! It was sooooooo funny that I almost wet my pants. It was as if she was trying to get her voice to end with a question tone.

Maybe not tho.....either way, no pants were harmed in the making of this humor :lol: and I got a good laugh out of my silly home-entertainment-center (aka THE Ruby!)
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You should hear Bogie's bark. It sounds like a teenager voice change thing. Sorta of a woof with a squawk at the end and really funny. We have never heard him "Aroooooo" yet either. He's a year and a half, so we keep hoping.
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