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Ruby's friend

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This Boston Terrier doorstop has been in my family for at least 50 yrs. (sorry it's blurry)

When we visited family in November, Ruby saw it, went bezerk and wagged to death, went running over to it and licked it's nose. She seemed upset that it wasn't real! :D

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they do crack you up
Rubydoo, I couldn't believe it when I saw your doorstop. My Mom has one just like it, passed through the family also. I think hers has been around about 100yrs!
I think that doorstop is older than 50 per my mom. She got it in Chicago where she grew up. Is your mom's real heavy? I wish I could find one that looks like Ruby but my husband said that we have the real door stop. The one which gets in the way of the door. ;-)
I don't mean that your mom is heavy....(ha!) but the door stop. It always amazes me how heavy it is.
LOL, Rubydoo, yes, the dog is real heavy. When my Mom got it, it was pretty ugly - a grayish green color paint that was peeling. My brother refinished it for her & now it is all black. I also wish I could find a Basset like it.
We've had several Boston's in my family (well, they were all my grandparents). They can be really glad it's fake. :p
When I was a little girl my mother had an aunt in Worcester, Mass. who had a succession of Boston Terriers, all named "Teenie". She used to shuffle around her apartment in her bathrobe and slippers with her cup of tea and talk all the time to Teenie and I always thought that was pretty weird.
Now flash forward 40 years later to her great niece in Boston who shuffles around her house in bathrobe and slippers, a cup of tea in her hand, chatting nonstop to her beloved basset hound, Francis.
I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.
My mom got a concrete basset that could be a doorstop, but is proudly displayed on the front steps. My grandmother has a metal one that's laid out and snoozing and it actually is a doorstop. I can see if I can find where they got them if anyone else is interested.
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