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Ruby's face coloring

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When Ruby was a puppy, the lower half of her face was very dark brown. Now as you can see, it's turning white or blonde as we joke about it.

I'm wondering if when she gets older, is the black fur going to lighten up too? We noticed that the area around her eyes is getting a bit lighter.

Note the slobber marks on that brushed leather couch! :p

Doesn't she make that area rug look great too?! :lol:

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ahhhh she looks so soft and comfortable lying there all snuggled up - they just love to lie on rugs dont they. even carpet isnt good enough for them they have to lie on the rug on the carpet for extra comfort!

i recon that even parts of the black will turn white/grey eventually. how old is she now? are there any other bassets on this site her age that you can compare?
Ruby is 8. I have pics all over the house of her in younger years.

I'm thinking about it today because we brought her home from the breeder 8 years ago today! She was 11 weeks old at the time.
Sabian has "oremature grey". I asked the vet about it and he said some dogs grey early and it is not related to life expectancy. Love the pictures of Ruby!
She's a sun bleached-babe??? :lol:
Spencer's coloring has changed so much over the years, he hardly looks like the same dog.

Here he is as a puppy with Sadie:

And here is his gray self today at age 10 1/2:

But, they are just like humans. Spencer started graying several years ago, but at age 11 yrs, Sadie only had a little gray.
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Happy Gotcha Day Ruby!
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