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Ruby's ear was bleeding this morning

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Ruby's daddy told me that the top of her ear was bleeding this a.m. before I woke up. He cleaned it off and the blood dried.

Hours later, I called her over to see her ear and noticed that it was bleeding bit on it's own. I took a damp tissue and moved the hair away and it was a cyst that was in the process of rupturing. Got the ick out of the middle and it looks fine now.

She's had many cysts before that the vet had to surgically remove on her back and she has more lumps there too. But I wonder if the inside of the cyst isn't liquid, but a hard black and grey and white core, is that a problem?

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I have no idea Janice. Maybe a vet trip is in order, just for your peace of mind.

how is she today? did you get to the vets yet? hope all is well...
I hate it when things like this happen on Sunday when vets are closed- I know how worried you must be. Please let us know what the vet says-
Sending healing drool Ruby's way. Hope the ear is better very soon.
The only cyst we have delt with was on Bubba, and the vet lanced it. It has oozed blood and that's why we took him in. :blink: Blood first then awful yellow, whitish pasty junk came out and lots of it. Like a huge zit. :blink: Then she "teased" or gently snared and pulled the sac or membrane that held the stuff out of the hole. It did look just like a little teeny sac.
The vets statement was that if you didn't get all the junk out, plus the sac it would just fill back up over time and cause more problems. She gave Bubba a mild antibiotic for a couple of days, if I remember correctly, to cut down on chance of infection in the site where she was poking around.
Get well quick, Miss Ruby!!
Ruby's vet place is open 24 hours a day (animal hospital) but I haven't taken her yet; just keeping an eye on it. Seems to be fine now tho. I was shocked that she even had such a thing (so big) where it was and that I didn't even notice it before.

Thanx for the support and suggestions of the vet. I'll bring her there if it comes back.

BTW, what would YOU use to clean it if it was on your basset?

Poor Ruby! Daisy has a lot of these. Most have healed Ok with proper wound care - clip the area, use hydrogen peroxide, keep squeezing the cyst until nothing else comes out, etc. A warm compress helps it drain initially. Some have come back, these usually have to be surgically removed. This assumes that it is an epidermal inclusion cyst...........if this one looks weird the vet should check it out. Feel better Ruby!
Ruby's ear is all messed up again and we'll have to bring her to the vet!!!!

There is a scab where the initial cyst was and she someone got it and part of her ear skin ripped. I about freaked when I saw it!

Poor baby!

Will keep you posted on what happens at the vet.

I meant to say that she someHOW got it ripped. I had kept it clean and sanitized with bacitracin cream but now it's awful. As soon as hubby comes home we'll take Ruby in. I couldn't do it yesterday because hubby was out of town on business and I pulled a muscle in my back so I can't lift Ruby.

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