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ruby_doo (AUS) are you ok?

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Just checking to see if you're ok. I've read and seen horrible pictures of the wildfires in Australia that I hope that you, your family, and friends are safe.
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Me too!!! i can't believe the devestation!! Please check in when you can and we hope you are ok!!
Thankyou for asking...yes we are Ok we are in South Australia, 1 state west of where the fires are in Victoria...Everyone is numb with the devastation and so many lives lost....Then in queensland 1/2 the state is under flood....what is it with the crazy weather

Many sad stories out of both devastating incidents the one that gets me the most is the suspicion that most of thefires were deliberatly lit :angry:
well, glad to hear you are ok :)
it's too bad some of the water from the flooding couldn't be used to put the fires out <_<
I'm glad you're OK- I can't imagine the devastation. So many died a terrible death, my heart goes out to the families and to your country.

I also read this morning that a million animals had died . So sad!
So glad you are OK!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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