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Ruby needs a tshirt! (or a tu-tu?)

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Bizarre last two days:

Started with the worst hair cut I've ever had, then a very expensive plumbing incident at home, then high $$ quotes for insulation in the attic, then brake job for hubby's car and it ended today with me taking Ruby to the vet. Ka-ching $$$$$

Where does the tshirt for Ruby come in? She has dermatitis in her armpits as well as in between her toes. Benedryl for the allergies and she needs to be sticking her feet in baking soda baths (not fun for either one of us). Then I have to put a tshirt on her and she has to wear it to keep from having arm pit problems.

Maybe I'll just get Ruby a tu-tu and be done with it! :D :D :D

Actually I'm about ready to have a migraine from all of the stress, so hug your bassets and thank your lucky stars if you're having fun this weekend.
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When it rains, it really does pour doesn't it???

My deepest sympathy for all the money woes...too bad money really doesn't grow on trees but then again there is only one Ruby, huh? :D

Jackie sends her regards to Ruby and also mentions that her mommy tried to get her to wear a t-shirt from petsmart (it was on clearance)...but she was smart enough to piddle on the floor in front of one of the cashiers and mommy just left the scene without the t-shirt.
Sounds like a good excuse for ice cream. Sorry you're having such a rough time. :( It'll get better - I speak from exprience! Give Ruby a hug from us. You MUST post a photo of poor Ruby in her T-shirt...

We aren't exactly having a FUN weekend... we are sweltering and mouldering in heat and humidity. Poor Moe is feeling very listless and looking pitiful, with his tongue hanging out and panting all day. I am a cook in a hot resturaunt kitchen and am also suffering terribly from hot flashes and night sweats! The weatherman says it's going to be a brutally hot week and it'll get worse before it gets better. :cry: I finally BEGGED my hubby for an air conditioner in our room and my wonderful man got me one! I am dragging Moe's dog-bed upstairs and tonight Moe and I are both sleeping in a nearly FRIDGID room!!!! To he** with the electric bill! :D

I would be hugging someone, anyone, but I am on a 12 hour nightshift, now I am going to go feel sorry for myself.
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