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Ruby's daddy has always given her a bath in the bathtub but she's had her last one done by him last weekend.

She's been limping a bit since we lived in the apartment for 6 months and we were given a second floor place rather than the first floor one we were promised.

But she was limping just a little bit before this when we lived in FL even tho that house had no stairs. No xrays were taken but Ruby's vet said that she had the startings of disk problems in her lower back. Since living in the apartment, she was able to stretch out like a cat and was fine after that.

Well, back to the bathing experience. When Ruby's daddy took her out of the tub, he slipped on the wet floor and pulled a muscle in HIS back. He was placing her on the floor at the time and her back left leg also slipped and she was standing there screaming in pain with that leg up in the air.

I came running and I was able to get on the floor with her and massage the ankle and leg area. My guess is that she twisted it but it's just a guess.

Since then when she gets up from sleeping, she's limping until it stretches out. She had a vet appt already scheduled for last week (B4 this happened) but I had cancelled it because I wasn't well and wouldn't have been able to get her in and out of the car by myself.

So she's seeing the vet Monday at 6 p.m. I'll let you know how it all goes. :(
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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