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Ruby has to go to the vet tomorrow

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She's been scratching quite a bit and I noticed dried blood on her armpit area. She also has two large red welts in her jowl area where she's scrathing them like crazy.

But she doesn't have an appt at the vet. Nope, they are completely booked up if you can believe it so joy of joys, we get to go there when they open as a walk-in and wait. Last time we were there (with an appt, we had to wait over an hour B4 she was seen). I even had to sign in and wait in order to pick up her food (I kid you not).

Once she heals up with whatever meds they give her, do you folks use Gold Bond powder religiously on the pits or only when they're gummy?

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Bubba had deep armpits that got yeasty and gooey, and we dusted him regulary, at least three times a week with the Gold Bond powder. It really helped. The vet did give us Pledgets (??) medicated wipes to use to help once with the yeast when it got bad. So far Bogie hasn't had any problems, but he doesn't have that big chest and deep arm pits Bubba did. Good luck at the vets.

Arooos from Bogie!!!
Poor baby Ruby! I use Gold Bond around the mouth. Maggie Mae was a big drooler and she was always moist in the mouth pockets. The Vet told me to clean the area with Stridex pads, dry it and dust with Gold Bond. I now do it with R & S and it helps! Let us know how Ruby is.
I've been wiping Molly's chin, neck and lower jaw skin with baby wipes almost every day and it seems to help alot. I also powder about once or twice a week. I just bathed her with Malaseb, we'll see if that helps...Feel better Ruby! Belinda.
We haven't had this problem yet. It sounds like it is a fairly common issue for bassets though, so Ruby should heal quickly.

Hopefully you guys won't have to spend half of the day waiting at the vet's office. Maybe if Ruby howls like she's very uncomfortbale they will get you in faster.
I have Pledgets for José as well. I try to keep up with it and use them when he starts to get some redness. They seem to work very well. I bought the last jar from 1800petmeds, or actually it was another online one i cant remember the name, but either one was cheaper than the vet.
Poor Ruby,We hope you feel better soon.

Karen and the gang
Well, I'm pretty disgusted with the vet and we have to go back tomorrow.

I was told to call at 9 a.m. today to see how long the walk-in wait will be. The gal told me that all of the docs have a staff meeting at 10:30 and to come in B4 9:30 a.m. to be seen. So Ruby and I went over there at 9:15 a.m..

Once in I saw a big sign at the walk-in sign-up sheet stating that the docs are in a staff meeting UNTIL 10:30. So the lady on the phone got it all wrong! I didn't want to wait for at least an hour to maybe be seen so we went back home.

We'll be first in line at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Maybe even at 8:30 a.m.
Bah humbug! And the beat goes on.......
Ruby has to go to the vet tomorrow. RE:

Hope it's nothing serious with Ruby. Can't believe how your vet's office and staff can be so screwed up. Maybe over booking appoint.'s for 1 day. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Tummy Boy's Mom.
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