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Ruby doesn't seem well

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I read Lightning&Stomps December post about how Stomp had that bad gagging hacking cough.

Ruby has a vet appt this Saturday because she has the exact same thing! I did read the accompanying reply post about congestive heart failure in of the symptoms Ruby does NOT have is weight loss.

I'll keep you all posted.

Janice and little Ruby :(
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I'm sorry I haven't posted sooner. I hope you've already taken Ruby to the vet and everything is fine. But I wanted to clarify that Stomps didn't have congestive heart failure--he had stage II heart disease. The vet thought he could have made it another two years (Stomps was at least 13 and more likely 14 or 15), but then he hurt his back and you probably know the rest of the story.

Anyhoo, even if the cough is because of heart disease, it is not a death knell. It just means Ruby will need to take meds the rest of her life, which could be a long, long time. But please let us know what the vet says.
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