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On the way to the groomer for Ruby to get her pedicure (nails trimmed), a car veered into my lane without looking. I was going the speed limit of 35 and I had nowhere to move. The left lane was blocked off for road work with big machines and holes in the road and the guy in the right lane just slid over to my lane. I had to slam on the brakes to keep from getting hit!

We have Ruby's harness connected to a heavy duty bungie cord type thing (don't worry; it's not a bungy cord - I just don't know how to describe it) and it's attached so she can turn around, lay down and get comfy but she's safe in the back seat when she's in my car with us. Normally she just sniffs the air if I have the windows open a tad but it's hot out today so I had the air conditioning on and she had her nose smushed at the window trying to look out (she's really too short but she strains to do so).

When I hit the brakes, she slid face first on the floor behind the front seat with her butt still on the back seat. She was straining and couldn't turn around. One of her front legs came out of the harness and she was crying. With my car stopped, I had to get my right arm and half of my upper body twisted to be able to unhook her from the lead so she could get back onto the backseat on her own.

I couldn't get out of the car to hook her back up, so I had to continue driving until I got to my destination and then I was able to assess the situation. Nothing wrong other than next time we go anywhere, I'll stuff her blankies down on the floor between the seat and the back of the front passenger seat. On the way home, she slept the whole way back home. Snoring and everything.

Janice and little Ruby who is sacked out now
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