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Oooooooohhhh, Roxy! There must have been something in that bag that smelled wonderful! Twinkie hopes you found it before you got busted.

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George doesn't make very many messes (anymore) but when we first got him and he had Rosie to cheer him on (they always blamed each other -- SHE did it! No, HE did it!), the two of them dumped the garbage every now and again or stole the bread off the counter and made a lovely display to greet me in the evenings. I'd walk in, see the mess and go "Oh, for pete's sake, George," and he'd bang his tail on the floor and give me the most INNOCENT look and swear he had NO idea how that got there. All you can do is sigh and clean it up. They think it's big fun and have no idea why you'd be bothered.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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