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Roxy Loves Her Kong !

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Gotta...get...that..peanut butter...out....

Long live the Kong, the best puppy toy ever !
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Good luck with that... Lea aka The Destroyer has gone through 3 of them. She now has a "Super tough" black one she's working her way through :roll:

Molly is the same way, she loves her kong. She brings it to us when she is done, drops it and starts whinning. Hehe

Another fun thing to do with Kongs - - fill them with yogurt and freeze them!
I've not tried the yogurt but will... We do the canned dog food and freeze- Mine ask for them as soon as I get home. Mine are using the red kongs and doing well... However- my Brittany can't have one at all- She shreds them into pieces- even the black one. I feel bad cause she has to settle for a more boring treat-
That Kong has her full comcentration, that's for sure! very cute pictures... :)

Teufel has to be the only basset who hates her kong, and will have nothing to do with peanut butter :? She has the little light blue and white one. But let me try the yogurt idea :idea:
Thank you for the yogurt tip!!!! Now she likes her kong, and wouldn't you know it I used the last of the film yesterday :(

Thanks again
What flavor of yoghurt do bassets like the best?

Ernest is not taken with that kong, but is teething and would probably be happy if I gave him some frozen yoghurt?

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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