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Roundworms - Someone Gag Me!

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OMG We have never dealt with worms before in ALL of our dogs. I had ordered deworming stuff online for Whiskey that won't arrive until next week but then this morning I woke up to just . . . . ugh . . . if your dog has passed worms before, then you know exactly what I saw!!!!

I'm running to Petsmart later today when I can get a ride to get some deworming stuff immediately. But other than giving her the medicine, I don't know what else needs to be done. We don't have a yard, (apartment) so I can't really/don't need to do stuff to the grass but what about her bed, my carpets, does she need a bath too?

Anything with the rest of the furniture? Are they able to pass to humans? I'm totally freaked out here!
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The life cycle of the worm the dog can not get worm by eat them or direct contact with them, it gets them only from eating eggs that must mature for at least a month or infected prey animals

Round Worms in Dogs and Puppies

The other concept stems from the fact that all the larvae in migration cannot be killed by any of these products. After the worms are cleared from the intestine, they will be replaced by new worms completing their migration. This means that a second, and sometimes even a third deworming is needed to keep the intestine clear. The follow-up deworming is generally given several weeks following the first deworming to allow for migrating worms to arrive in the intestine where they are vulnerable.Do not forget your follow-up deworming.
I read somewhere that it's actually not recommended to deworm more than twice in any year. Is that true?
complete BS you need to worm until they clear. But if it takes more than three times it is likely getting reinfested from the environment and need to look as solving that problem like changing access to parts of the yard etc,
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