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Roundworms - Someone Gag Me!

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OMG We have never dealt with worms before in ALL of our dogs. I had ordered deworming stuff online for Whiskey that won't arrive until next week but then this morning I woke up to just . . . . ugh . . . if your dog has passed worms before, then you know exactly what I saw!!!!

I'm running to Petsmart later today when I can get a ride to get some deworming stuff immediately. But other than giving her the medicine, I don't know what else needs to be done. We don't have a yard, (apartment) so I can't really/don't need to do stuff to the grass but what about her bed, my carpets, does she need a bath too?

Anything with the rest of the furniture? Are they able to pass to humans? I'm totally freaked out here!
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Oh believe me, I will. We've never had to deal with anything like this before in any of our dogs. Our pug has only ever even been sick once in her whole 7 years of life!
I'm heading to the store this afternoon to get her a first dose of the liquid stuff. Then I still have the tablets coming in later this week, one package for each dog cause I figure Willow will need something just in case, but Whiskey will definitely need a follow up.

Seriously. I don't think I've ever been so grossed out in my life. I've been itchy all day long just thinking about it!

Does anyone know if I need to specially clean my carpet since she's been rubbing her bum all over it?
Oh I already have my follow up planned. I read somewhere that it's actually not recommended to deworm more than twice in any year. Is that true?
Thanks everyone. So far so good. Gave her the meds with her dinner last night and so far only one of her poops came out with a few dead worms. Nothing like what I saw yesterday. *shudder* And then we've got meds being shipped right now for her follow up and for Willow's first round.
Well it's been a day or so since we gave her the meds and so far so good. You can tell that something is actually happening because her stomach is reacting. Before she was very bloated in the belly and would overstuff herself and I read that some puppies do that because the worms feed off of the nutrition that they get so they slowly starve. Now she's eating a normal amount already and her stomach makes lots of noises before she goes to the bathroom and then when she goes she has a lot more energy.

Unfortunately, she's taken up the habit of eating her poop (EW!!!) so we get to deal with that now. Thankfully I have the second round of meds ordered right now. When we get through with this we'll get both of the dogs started on monthly regimen of the heartworm pills and a flea check.
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