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Roundworms - Someone Gag Me!

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OMG We have never dealt with worms before in ALL of our dogs. I had ordered deworming stuff online for Whiskey that won't arrive until next week but then this morning I woke up to just . . . . ugh . . . if your dog has passed worms before, then you know exactly what I saw!!!!

I'm running to Petsmart later today when I can get a ride to get some deworming stuff immediately. But other than giving her the medicine, I don't know what else needs to be done. We don't have a yard, (apartment) so I can't really/don't need to do stuff to the grass but what about her bed, my carpets, does she need a bath too?

Anything with the rest of the furniture? Are they able to pass to humans? I'm totally freaked out here!
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Hannah's deworming at the breeders didn't take care of the worms which our vet set she was born with or got soon after birth. We found out from a fecal test at her first visit to our vet when she was 10 weeks old that she still had roundworms. She had two doses of the medicine two weeks apart. The worms all came out a day after the first dose. Ewwww! :eek: It was definitely science fiction looking poop!!! Maxwell had to have the medicine too, but no worms came out in his poop. We didn't have to do anything else and everyone was fine.

Good luck. Seeing those worms is definitely freaky. I was completely grossed out!!
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