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I have to join this one, it's too cute!
Snickers likes:
To chase:
kids on bikes
other pups
In general:
Belly rubs from EVERYBODY
When Daddy buys her BIG beefy treats :)
playing rough with daddy
cuddling in bed with mommy
plastic bottles (any size)
our neighbor's dogs (one of which we dubbed her boyfriend)
rubbing between your legs like a kitty
Believe it or not she LOVES the vet... she always gets soooo much attention, and cookies from the entire staff.
Things we dislike:
Trying to get into the car (really want to build her a ramp this summer.. the hubby and I both have SUV's)
Ear cleaning :p
Nail clipping
teeth cleaning
having my ears wiped off after eating or drinking (we like to remedy this ourself by running into the bathroom and stealing a washcloth hanging on the faucet in the tub, and rubbing our head all over it, sooo Miss Independant.. plus I think she's channeling Mr. Stimpy, he would always do that too!)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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