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Well, I think all young bassets tend to do this kind of thing. Our Monty is now over 1 year old, and he is still inclined
to grab a stone (we call them over here) and try to chew/swallow it. I think you just have to be on the ball
and take them away from them. And they may just be bored, and are a looking for a game or two ??!!!

If they do go in at one end, check to make sure they come out at the other ! Otherwise a trip to the vet will be necessary !

Good luck !

Andrew :)

Hello All. I'm new to the board - allthough i have been reading a and learning a lot!!

I have 2 bassets - Lexie and Wellington.

Lexie we've had since 8 weeks of age, but old Wellie we adopted in September (I think). He's about 4yrs and Lex is turning 2 soon.

Since then he's been to hospital twice for swallowing rocks. The most recent was last week where our boy swollowed a heart shaped rock and almost got operated, but thank goodness he pooped it out (truly a miracle - the vets were flabergasted!!).

My question is: why do they do this??? and can we stop it??

we have paved most of the problem areas in our backyard.

Please help!

Many Thanks,
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