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We've recently adopted a dachsund mix pup- about a year old- He's had a cough and the vet said it was most likely kennel cough- could be caused by several viruses. He's been sick about 10 days and seemed beter. Started with a green runny nose today -no fever- no vomiting or diarrhea- no eye discharge- vet says no pneumonia- the problem is it now brings the possibility of distemper into play- and of course I worry about my hounds (ages 1-8) though their shots are up to date. Does anyone know of other illnesses that might have the green nasal discharge or is distemper the only one? I've kept the babies apart as much as possible- they have different sleeping areas and I try not to let them out at the same time but obviously I can't completely quarantine at home- Any other suggestions?- Wendy
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