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Reward offered for pilfered puppy
By Jennifer Reeger
Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Hazel Johnson moved from the Cleveland area to rural Fayette County nearly two years ago. She thought she'd left the fear of crime behind her.

But on Monday, when she brought the basset hound puppies she was preparing to sell out to play in her yard, she found one was missing.

She said someone sneaked onto her seven-acre Springhill Township property Sunday night or Monday morning, pried open a door to a kennel building and stole "Bud," a 51/2-week-old pedigree basset hound she could sell for about $450.

"We moved out here to get away from the crime and violence of the big city," Johnson said. "I guess it's everywhere, right? You feel violated when someone comes and steals your property when you work all the time to make a living."

Johnson is offering up a $200 reward for the return of the puppy. She said he is mostly black with brown on his face and ears. He has white coloring around his shoulders that comes to a "V" on his back.

The stolen puppy was part of a litter of 11 -- Johnson's first since moving from Ohio. She owns the male and female adults she uses for breeding.

"My male has champion bloodline from Germany," Johnson said.

She had also raised and sold basset hounds while living in Ohio.

Three dogs in the litter had been reserved. The stolen puppy had not been.

"The one they got was actually the one I wanted to keep," Johnson said.

Johnson said she worries about the puppy's health. He had not been weaned from his mother when he was stolen.

"Those dogs require special attention because of their ears," she said. "If you don't know what you're doing with a basset hound, you can do a lot of harm. That's why when I sell one I give (the buyer) a little course on how to take care of them."

Anyone with information about the stolen puppy is asked to call state police at Uniontown at 724-439-7111.

Jennifer Reeger can be reached at [email protected] or (724) 836-6155.
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