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Recently I read the posts on resource guarding especially focusing on rawhide. I've never had that problem with my two hounds or the first hound I owned. For the most part both Jack and Maggie have always been willing to let me take away rawhide, toys, food bowels, stolen toilet paper etc. Maggie will resource guard at times against Jack mainly after he's chewed a rawhide toy into a soggy mess, and she wants a go at chewing. The only time I saw Jack turn into a Mr. Hyde was when he found freezed dried chicken casserole from one of my camping trips and really growled at me when I approached him to take it away. I scodled him with a firm deep voice, moved a broom towards him, and he dropped the chicken. I didn't think his guarding of the chicken was that unusual. Although his growling was unacceptable, it was his find. He had dug it out of my backpack. I am concerned because there was an incident today. I had to work late, and my mother came over to dogsit. Maggie went under the bathroom sink counter, pulled out a box of q- tips and dumped them on the floor. She left the scene and Jack started getting into the q-tips. My mother went in to pick up the q-tips and Jack bit her. He didn't break the skin or leave a mark, but his mouth made contact. She scolded him and shooed him out of the bathroom with a broom. She said he was quiet the rest of the time and seemed to know he had done something unacceptable She knows my dogs well so they're both use to her. I live alone so I'm usually the one who takes things away without issues. (except for the chicken) I guess to be on the safe side I should tell people not to try to take things away from him unless I'm present. If need be they could just walk into the room with a broom, and I'm sure he'd drop it. ( brooms and vacumns are not his favorites) I guess I'm mainly writing this because I'm wondering how unusual Jack's behavior was. My mother played it down and said she wasn't concerned, but wouldn't try to take anything away from him again. Any thoughts or stories that might put my mind at ease. Thanks , Jim
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