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Rescuing 2 bassets

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I hope all goes well. We found a family giving their 2 spayed female bassets away for free, they sent me pictures of the lovely girls and I cannot believe the condition they are in. For one thing, the nails are so long they are curving toward the feet. I may not be able to keep both, but I am working with an all-breed rescue organization in the area to find a home for a foster dog I've been caring for, so hopefully these girls will find a home one way or another.
I guess it's really true that Bassets are like chips...can't have just one. They are, after all, pack dogs, right?
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Awww poor things! How can people not love their Bassets properly? :mad: They have obviously been neglected by the sounds of things and those nails must make it difficult/painful for them to walk and maybe you could organise for them to be trimmed back.

I hope you can take them as three is such a nice number to have and good company for each other and for you! ;)
Of all places, a few weeks ago I saw someone giving away a basset on Craig's List. I debated about contacting them, but by the time I made up my mind the listing was gone. I hope the dog went to a good home.
already taken

Someone else beat me to the bassets. They were already spayed so at least I know they weren't destined to be puppy mill moms.
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