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Does anyone know how long it takes for RESCUE REMEDY to have an effect? My basset still goes CRAZY when at the vet to get ner nails trimmed! I got some of this stuff to help her. She is 55lbs. Does anyone use this--and how long before the appt. should I put about 4 drops on her tongue? Thanks so much for your help! I know, I know--I'm a "wuss."
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Does anyone know how long it takes for RESCUE REMEDY to have an effect?[/b]

From personal experience with multiple dogs and human you will be waiting forever to seen any effect.

It appears the most effective ingredient is the 40% alcohol and it takes a lot more than four drops on the tonque for that to be effective,.
Thanks a lot Mikey T.! I had heard that Rescue Remedy was a good thing to use as a natural kind of sedative. And so, I bought some to use next week before the nail trim appointment. I've used ACE to help with this. Even though it makes her kind of drunk, she still goes "ballistic" when I use that. So that's why I got the RR.
My experience with RR is the same as Mikey's. Zero effect on either me or the dog! Wish I had something else I could recommend. Your vet might have some ideas, if the ACE doesn't work.
I also had no luck with rescue remedy My dog has aggression and mental problems and unfortunetly I have had little luck with natural remedies
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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