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Rescue Puppies Discover Toys and Each Other!

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They're not quite walking yet, but both eyes and ears are open. They have discovered each other and are starting to explore toys. :D

Playing with toys.

Playing with each other.

Worn out after about 90 seconds of playing.

Good mom, satisfied puppy. Check out his back legs. :D
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Oh my those puppers are so cute! They look very well taken care of!
They are soooo sweet. I'm glad they have a good rescue home to help them grow!
Oh, Betsy, you are going to be loathe to give up that pile of cuties. They're adorable.
The first time we saw Ruby, she was about that size......

Would love to lay down on the floor and have them climb all over me right now.
Ohhhhhh, I love that Belly!!!!

Sandy :D
Too...much...cuteness..............can'!!!!! :lol:
What a beautiful family, and it's so great to know they are improving and Mom is getting needed care. She looks so peaceful now. I'm sure you will have a hard time parting with these adorable tiny fur balls when the time comes. Keep the pictures coming, Betsy.

Aroooos from Bogie!!!!
Oh my goodness ... if you were closer I'd stop by to see them! I've never seen a Basset puppy.

So the sleeping on the back thing is a behavior from birth, it seems. I've always wondered. I've never seen another dog sleep quite like this.

Enjoy every minute!
AW--the last picture is just great. The pup looks las round as a dinner plate with little short legs .... Looks like a crew of black and whites, huh? Oh, no wait--I see little brown eyebrows
Sharon Hall :D
Awwww....they are so adorable! I'm so glad they are getting a good start on life.

I almost wish they could stay that size forevery.
Mom looks so much better! What a difference a few days of good care can make. The babies look clean, happy & healthy, too. Great job, Betsy. :D :D
The pups are so adorable. They look so content in their beautiful, clean space with their Mommy! What lucky dogs!
I just had to look at them again! Their markings are great ...they'll be beautiful dogs.
It's a shame Momma has to go through this so young, but she seems to be doing a good job caring for her babies. I hope she has time to be a pup herself soon...

The little fat-bellied pup in the last photo looks very satisfied... and is already striking a Basset-like pose! :wink:

Cuteness overload...must stop staring at puppy pictures...:eek:

Originally posted by Rubydoo

Would love to lay down on the floor and have them climb all over me right now.
I could not agree more!

Thanks Betsy; mostly for taking such wonderful care of them, but also for posting pics and sharing with us!
:lol: I love the third picture. One of the puppies behaves like a true basset! Sleep on his back with belly up. It cracks me up! :lol: :lol:
They are sooo priceless. Keep the puppies pictures coming....
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