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Subject: Rescue For Handlers And Owners - Enjoy!

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New Dog Show Handler/Owner Rescue Assoc. Opens to the Community

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (ARP)-- Looking for someone special to help around
the kennel or on dog show trips? Would you like that special companion,
who understands, to share your home and life? Why not consider adopting
a rescued handler/owner!

The Dog Show Handler/Owner Rescue Association is currently screening
families who might be interested in adopting or fostering a
handler/owner rescue (or H.O.R.s for short). While there are a great
many canine breed rescue organizations in our communities, there has
been nothing (until now) to help the displaced, neglected or abandoned
handler/owner. The need is greater than ever and the Dog Show
H.O.R. Assoc. needs your help to address this growing problem.

Who are the H.O.R.s that need help? Well, we see them every day. Some
are lost or abandoned, then picked up in parks attempting to stack
squirrels. Others are turned in by parents or spouses who didn't
how much time, care and responsibility it takes to keep these special
H.O.R.s. Often, these H.O.R.s are turned in with their own dogs. A
number of H.O.R.s come to us because of bad knees and their families
have decided they have outlived their usefulness. Many require
medical attention due to years of caring for their dogs, yet neglecting
their own diet, exercise and medical care.

Your probably asking yourself right now, "How can I help?" We've
prepared some questions to help you decide if you might be a suitable
dog show H.O.R. family:
a.. Do you have a fenced yard?
b.. Do you mind the smell of liver in the house?
c.. Do you have a spare RV or Camper?
d.. Are you able to provide suitable clothing with many pockets?
e.. Do you have anything that can be groomed (often shag
carpeting, stuffed animals or other family members) that can calm eager
f.. Are you able to listen for hours on end, patiently, and
g.. Do you have thousands of extra dollars needed to properly
support a dog show H. O. R.?

If you've answered "yes!" to these questions, you may be dog show

Adopting a dog show H.O.R. can be a very rewarding experience. They are
usually so willing to please, and often are happy with only an
occasional class ribbon to play with. They can pick up droppings, are
willing to help groom and show your own animals, and already know
directions to every fairground and showground in the lower 48 states.
They can have vast amounts of knowledge and wisdom that they are
to impart to anyone who has the patience to listen for hours.... and
hours... and hours. While some may need a bit of resocializing, better
nutrition and regular exercise, most adjust very well to their new dog
show families when given appropriate time, reconditioning, patience and
access to liver.

We also get a few breeder/handler/owner rescues (B. H. O. R. s) from
time to time. Dog show B.H.O.R.s are often more difficult to place as
they are usually alphas and may have a harder time getting along with
existing dog show breeders. They tend to be less submissive, and often
will try to control the household and existing breeder's program if
strong boundaries are not set. There is hope for B.H.O.R.s, though. For
those with the experience, extra patience and a strong hand, even dog
show B.H.O.R.s canfind new and useful lives.

So, if you're interested in fostering or adopting either a dog show
or B.H.O.R., please contact us. If you are not able to foster or adopt
at this time, if you know of a dog show H.O.R. or B.H.O.R. in need of
rehoming, or would just like to make a much needed donation, please
us a call at 800-555-HORS! You can also visit one of our Dog Show
B.H.O.R.s and H.O.R.s booths located at most, major dog shows.
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