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It would really depend on the Basset you are adopting. I hear stories both ways. Making a blanket statement about how 2 bassets would get along would be like making one about how 2 children will get along, even well known ones can pull surprises.

Having said that we adopted Dixie in December for a companion to Luke. We are having mixed success with it so far. I do believe she is still getting used used to the fact that this is her permanent home, after being passed around several homes I can understand that.

I think with all the problems we have with her Luke would still miss her a lot if she was gone. She still torments him relentlessly, and he is limping once again, but he still agitates her until she either plays with him or makes him bleed. I really think once he gets past his puppy stage they will become even better companions. He is just so obnoxious right now.

I think we are having more problems with her with the humans than with the Luke. She has taken to me with a passion and she growls not only when Luke gets near me but even when the kids get near me. She is slowly learning that is unacceptable behavior, but it is an uphill battle. I have heard this from other rescues, that they tend to take to one person more than others and become quite possessive of that person.

Even with all the problems I still have no regrets about adopting her and do not even give it a second thought. Besides, if you can handle a teenager you can handle anything a mere Basset can give you.

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