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Request for Breeding Information

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Posted by GREY444 to the General Forum
I'm not a professional breeder but I hope to be someday.  When we set out to find a basset I searched for months and found none available on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi so that?s what inspired us.  I read up on anything Basset I can get my hands on and I do take it very serious.  We concentrate on quality and health.  And we did interview our the puppies prospective adopters.  ANY pointers some of you have who know more about breeding please pass them on my way.
Would suggest reviewing BHCA's Health Policy which lists the more common genetic disorders that affect bassets and health clearances for breeding stock. Some novice breeders are under the impression that a simple check-up at the vet is adequate before breeding a pair of bassets, but that's just not the case with any breed. Vets are usually very competent when it comes to handling bread and butter stuff they see commonly, but they aren't knowledgeable about the unique lists of genetic disorders (some of which can be pretty esoteric) that affect each of 150+ dog breeds. :)

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You'll want to read Discover the Basset Hound. Chapter 9 talks about "Breeding You Basset."

I'd also recommend getting active: Join a basset hound club, and find a mentor, who is often the breeder of the "foundation bitch." You may have to do some traveling to attend dog shows, club meetings and other events but I don't think you can become a responsible hobby breeder without getting to know other basset hound breeders and participating in conformation and performance events.
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