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Reproductive nightmares and backyard breeders

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From Doolittler

Mama, aptly named for her oversized mammaries, had recently delivered herself of six ginormous pups. Together, the puppies weighed more than she did—and they were only five days old. Mama was seizuring due to an overwhelming depletion of calcium—one of her milk’s most abundant nutrients. These big pups had sucked the life out of her in less than a week—and her useless owner had no clue that this might be a problem for a little bitch with a big litter...

A widow-cum-breeder who assuaged her loss with the “love of dogs” was my next morning appointment. Her Havanese litters had been a continual thorn in my side for months...And now she’d brought in an overlooked pup out of an inexperienced bitch who’d been mauled by mom because “she was doing so well with them so I didn’t think she’d eat a second one.”

The pup was missing half a face and three out of four legs—yet it was still wriggling and squealing. It was easily the most impressive bit of nastiness I’d been subjected to in years. I euthanized it without hardly looking.[/b]
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There are no words to describe those people! That vet has far more restraint than I would have in that situation.

This shows how desperately laws are needed to stop this type of abuse.
Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to legislate against the bad without ensnaring the good. :( Maybe we should look at licensing pet owners. <_< This site offers a sh*tload of consumer education, but that's like p*ssing in the wind, given our consumer driven, instant gratification, throw away culture.
You are right, Betsy, about the problems involved in legistlation. It's frustrating because education seems like a pipe dream.

We recently went through major changes in our county laws and they would not consider ANY legislation regarding breeders. However, NM is forming a task force to see how to deal with cruelty to animals. I hope some good comes out of it. It's hard in a state where **** fighting was legal until recently.
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