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Report from a summer vacation

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The summer cottage in Varberg, Sweden seems very nice to the twoleggers:

The view from the porch over the sea was splendid, we could se all ships passing by:

Doris liked the porch too, but - what's this? A gate? Are we not supposed to hang out to the morning dawn alone?

The couch was almost like back home:

But the most important, the lawn test! Was the Swedish quality as good as the usual?

Doris performing the close-up investigation:

Okay Daddy, the summer cottage is approved!

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I love the picture of them rolling in the grass... and Doris just looks like she adores you- What a sweet girl! I hope your holiday has been restful and fun! -Wendy
Superb as always!
I will post several more later, I also have some from Ann-Britt's new vegetable litter!
Welcome back home! Beautiful pics as always.

It looks like a lovely vacation spot. I love all the pics, but especailly the one of the girls rolling in the grass. What a great basset thing to do!

A new litter???? Can't wait to see "the vegetables"!!!
Great photos--looks like everyone enjoyed the vacation in their own way! :D
Ahhhh, just as I was beginning to have Emma & Doris withdrawal, Steinar returns with some fine pics from holiday!

What's this? A new Ann-Britt Litter! Even better!

We have the rescue pups and the Vegetables are coming. :D

I must now do "Paul's Happy Dance" which confuses four-leggers, and makes two-leggers laugh and question my sanity... :wink: :shock: :lol:
Welcome back, Steinar!!! The girls looked like they are really enjoying themselves, and beautiful pictures as always. We can't wait to see the "Little Veggies". We all fell in love with the Cheese litter, and I'm sure we will all be head over heels in love with Ann-Britt's newest arrivals.

Arooooos from Bogie Carter!!!!
Welcome "Home" Steinar! Sure looks like all of you had a wonderful vacation. I can't wait to see the new litter of puppies!!
Love the grass pictures--doggie delight!
Sharon Hall
Welcome back Steinar. ( missed the pics.) Looks like a nice cottage. Emma and Doris are happy anywhere with U. Wish I had 1/2 the social life those 2 have. I don't think Dorris liked the gate <BG>. Tummy Boy's Mom. :D .
Steinar, these pictures are lovely, and so are the ones taken at Ann Britt's. Can't wait to see her newest pups!
And that lawn was made for rolling on... :D

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