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Reminder: No buying, selling, or trading

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A reminder that CyberHound is not to be used to advertise puppies or dogs for sale or barter.
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What web site would you use to sell pups then? If you are looking for people who are basset folks?
None of the reputable basset sites or lists allows puppy sales. Many reputable and responsible breeders invest in their own sites, where they brag about their dogs' achievements and have pedigree, health, contract, and general educational information available for prospective puppy buyers.

Caveat emptor (buyer beware) in evaluating websites, though...unless there are brags about Champions (show or field) or other titles, the breeder isn't reputable and likely isn't responsible. :mad:

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So there no reputable basset sites or lists allows puppy sales....and nobody visiting this board has bought a dog from one????

"unless there are brags about Champions (show or field) or other titles, the breeder isn't reputable and likely isn't responsible"...are you really seriuos about this statement ...there are probably more great dogs that are not champions then are
If you have to advertise to sell your puppies, I doubt you are a reputable breeder. Do you show in conformation, agility, obedience or in the field? And if not, why not? What do you have to offer to improve the Basset Hound breed except to make $ (?) or whatever. Have you ever been involved in rescue or visited a shelter? Do you know how many pure-bred Bassets (and all dogs) are killed in shelters every minute? And why would you want to breed your dog?! Just wondering, Belinda.

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I'm not a reputable breeder because I have to advertise pups for sale???? Why wouldn't a reputable breeder advertise pups??? What if this was my first litter and I dont have a client base or well known name or my own web site. I figured if I came to this board I would not have to worry about any pups going to shelters...after all isnt this board full of basset lovers..

to answer your quest Belinda ....
No I dont compete in show conformation, agility, obedience...I hunt my dogs and enjoy running them very much...I would enter my dogs in more field events but most of them dont interest me ...

and finally " why would you want to breed your dog" Because the owner of the sire and I wanted to see what happens with the cross thats why !!

What do you people do for the basset ...that make you so much better than me???
marc,just put your ad on the AHBA board,they me be the only ones interested in our types of dogs anyway!!!!!! rabbit killers!!!!!!
Please try to understand that this site would love to share your joy at having a litter, and we always like to see photos of basset pups. We want to discuss our bassets, their quirks, health issues, happy and sad times, give support to each other etc.

However, we already have bassets, and know where to get another if the need takes us. I think you can tell that most people would always recommend a rescue basset if possible. It's just a change in emphasis of how we show our interest in the breed.

Please don't feel that we think we are in any way better than you! Good luck with finding the best possible homes for your remaining pups.
billy original question was to find out what site people on the pet board use to sell/buy bassets...
now I'm this horrible money hungry puppy mill person ...because nobody here knows my name i'm not a "reputable breeder"...blah blah...heck this breeding was already mentioned on this board...nobody thought it was bad then

I guess I should have listened to the warning I got not to put anything on the potlicker board ...oh well ...never again

some of my rabbit killers are going to ahba people and possibly some new ahba members...
well Marc,i can say this is far from a pet board,but you are not a money hungry puppy mill person either.what the Administrator's are doing by not letting ANYONE advertise any litters is really the right thing to you know how many HORRIBLE breeders would be posting adds for there litters here! if the breeding is any good word of mouth will take care of where the pups end up.i get contacted about pups all the time in PRIVATE and i try to put them in contact with people that i KNOW that have litters or ones coming.besides if i breed a litter i don't think there are to many people on this board that could afford what i charge for a pup,or meet my requirements for where my pups are placed!!!

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>>>if the breeding is any good word of mouth will take care of where the pups end up.i get contacted about pups all the time in PRIVATE and i try to put them in contact with people that i KNOW that have litters or ones coming.<<<

Quite right, serious breeders network with other breeders, refer puppy buyers back and forth etc. Belonging to breed clubs and local kennel clubs increases your contacts as well. Competing with your dogs, whether in the ring or in the field, lets other breeders know what kind of dogs you have and if they think your dogs are good and that you're knowledgeable and responsible they'll recommend you.

Not only that, networking with other breeders, attending educational events put on by breed and kennel clubs, attending shows and trials, all of those provide plenty of education in breeding better dogs, from bloodlines available, what is desireable, health issues, breeding issues etc. And if you already know everything there is to know about breeding dogs, congratulations cuz I've been at it for over 20 years and I'm still learning.

The main point is: NOBODY, reputable or not, is allowed to advertise puppies on this board, or any of the basset boards or lists that I happen to be on. We can brag about our puppies and dogs, post pics of them for people to admire, but soliciting buyers is off limits. A fine line, but one quite possible to walk.

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I own/run a Boxer forum and as part of our 'rules' no one is allowed to post litters UNLESS they can provide references, belong to a breed club, etc. Basically, until they prove they are reputable. Funny thing is, a rep. breeder has never contacted us regarding posting, it's consistently people that have bred their 'cute' dog to another 'cute' dog.

Forums like this, IMO, are for learning and sharing experiences. A reputable breeder wouldn't need to join to post their puppies for the reasons that have already been stated.
As someone who makes quite excellent pot likker, I am proud to be a part of a board known as the pot likker board. :)
I have been looking for another basset and to tell everyone the truth here a basset is a basset to me it doesn't matter if mine has papers or is show quality, but I did go to a rescue before anything else and was finding it a hard time to find a pup, I want to be the mommy to raise the pup so I know all of its quirks. I found my very 1st basset in a classified add!! She is perfect not to mention no papers. She's my perfect affectionate, playful (hyper), drooly, ears wet all the time from the bowl houndie!! Good luck with your pets and share the pics of your pups please...
Oh, my good sense tells me I shouldn't ask this questions, but exactly what is a 'pot likker board'?
Hey, I was also wondering that same thing!!! I assume it is not a good thing though....
O.K., I'm glad I wasn't the only person who had no idea of the definition of "potlicker"! I've done some research and came up with:

1)The liquid left over after slow cooking veggies. (Not the likely meaning here!)

2)little person, small competitor; originally a dog or other pet

3)A mongrel dog.

4)...a big old lazy dog who couldn't compete with the other dogs, so he let them finish eating and then crawled up to the pot and licked it clean...

Choose the definition that best fits! :p
in the circle that i travel in it means the dog won't hunt,it won't run a rabbit but you keep on feeding the dog is not earning it's keep so to speak.
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