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Elmer tends to be my picky eater. He goes along fine for months, then all of a sudden, he won't eat his breakfast. I have tried all of the usual, treat dipped in peanut butter plunged down into his food, etc. I have not changed the food, though. I found out long ago with my cat that if you keep switching, they will "wait and see if somthing better" is offered. I feed them Hills Science Diet small bites, with just a hint of warm water. (Yes, I know this is not suggested) When I was feeding the larger bites, they tended to throw it up whole. Our vet told us that most dogs don't chew anyway, and that they swallow it whole. :shock:

Elmer hasn't been interested in his breakfast for the past three mornings, so we will just wait it out. He always eats well in the pm, and so I give him a bit extra then.
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