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I had always heard that you should feed your dog whatever it does best on.

Annie was a Nutro girl. She did well, never any problems. Then I lost my job and 65% of my income so I had to switch her food to a different food, Beneful met the affordability cut. She did ok for a few months on it then her skin got funky and she started having more tummy issues. It broke my heart. I have now switched her to the Purina One Sensitive Systems food and supplemented with my own homemade "puppy stew". Her skin has gotten better, she is shedding like crazy but I think it's seasonal, she doesn't itch much at all and no more burping or barfing. The best thing I've noticed is that there is no more "houndy" smell. Not sure to attribute this awesome change to the fish based food or to my puppy stew mix LOL. I have read, and people will say, that the Purina foods aren't exactly the best...but she is doing well on it and it meets what I can afford right now.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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