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We have been feeding our two the Kirkland Lamb, Veggie, and Rice from Costco. That is what Larsen had been eating prior to coming home with us, and we have stuck with it because he does very well on it. Ninja eats the same food too, and up until now, has done fine with it. We may have to do a switch for Ninja though, because it doesn't seem to be sitting too well with her lately. Not sure what we're going to go with yet.

Scully ate Iams and Eukanuba for most of her life and did great with them both. Probably a coincidence, but it was when I decided to "upgrade" her food to something of a higher quality that she started having all sorts of digestive issues. Various types of Wellness were the worst for her; even their Simple Solutions for sensitive tummies came out with a vengeance. (Their fish & potato treats were ok though.) Eventually, the only thing she could tolerate was California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato.

So, for my hounds, I think I'll stick with feeding them what they do the best on.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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