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Re-introducing Mr Runcible

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Someone suggested that I might post some pictures of Mr. Runcible
for the new members that have not seen him yet.

I'm not very active at this forum at the moment. As I mentioned earlier I've
been busy with a new job + full time studies. So there isn't much time left for
browsing the net. I still enjoy to read about your dogs, but I usually don't have
time to reply. Anyhow, I thought I'd take the time to show off my little hound.
So get ready..... here comes Mr. Runcible:

Mr. Rucible being all royal

Mr. Runcible imitating a giant slug

Mr. Runcible as the Flying Festoon

Mr. Runcible and his new puppy friend

Mr. Rucible and his human slave

Mr. Runible with his default begging-look

As I've been reading on this forum I've gotten the impression that your bassets tend to
be very vocal. Mr. Runcible almost never barks or howls at all. It can go months between
each time he barks. Does any of your basset share this vow of silence? It would be fun
to know how many of the dogs on the forum that are like this.

Until next time...
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Thank you for telling me about your dogs. I've had two bassets and both were quite ones.
The last one did bark when happy, i.e. when I got home. So I thought that perhaps silence
was a breed trait.
I remember one time, the neighbours came out to look what all the fuss was about. They just couldn't
believe that little dog having so deep and load a bark. I just love the deep basset voice.

Mr. Runcible doesn't even bark when playing with his puppy friend. :huh:

charvie, what typical feline behaviour. My cat loved to taunt the bassets too. She pretended
to dislike them, but you just saw how fun she had outsmarting and frustrating them.
I think that cats like bassets better than other dogs because of their calm demeanor and their
eye expression. I do know my cat hated the staring eyes and croaching stance of border collies.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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