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Rawhides?? and Belle

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Hey RED...SO glad to hear Belle is doing much better! Wow...what a scary thing for you...I can't imagine! Anyway, you asked about rawhides, and I have been wondering the same thing. Emma loves rawhide chews...but I'm wondering if I give her too many of them...are they safe for her...etc. Can anyone comment on this?? :confused:
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After this whole nightmare we're going through with Belle, I'd beg of any Basset owner not to chance it with their hound. No, we cannot 100% positively say that it was the rawhide that caused this, but it was the only thing out of the ordinary that she had. Am I being unfair to the rawhide chewy industry? Maybe, but the health and life of our Belle far outweighs any guilt I could possibly feel for not giving her one again. Looking back, I compare giving her a chewy out of that big bag of Hartz rawhides to playing Russian Roulette.

From now on, she'll still get her dog biscuits and we'll look into other chewy toys for her.
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