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Rawhides?? and Belle

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Hey RED...SO glad to hear Belle is doing much better! Wow...what a scary thing for you...I can't imagine! Anyway, you asked about rawhides, and I have been wondering the same thing. Emma loves rawhide chews...but I'm wondering if I give her too many of them...are they safe for her...etc. Can anyone comment on this?? :confused:
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I looked and looked for a safe alternative to rawhides. The only things I could find where Bully Sticks. Any thoughts on those? I think they are dried, braided tendons. I gave one to Lily and it lasted just as long as a rawhide and got mushy instead of getting brittle and breaking off into pieces. I would love to hear if you guys think they are safe.
Marcia...that IS gross! :eek:
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