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Rawhides?? and Belle

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Hey RED...SO glad to hear Belle is doing much better! Wow...what a scary thing for you...I can't imagine! Anyway, you asked about rawhides, and I have been wondering the same thing. Emma loves rawhide chews...but I'm wondering if I give her too many of them...are they safe for her...etc. Can anyone comment on this?? :confused:
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Red, I aree with you. I stopped giving rawhides a long time ago.

My reasons for stopping were different than yours - they caused a bit too much territoriality than I'm comfortable with amongst the doggies! Then, I remember hearing they weren't necessarily safe, which immediately led me to stop giving the pups anything like that.

Besides, I quickly learned the pups liked biscuits --- and broccoli and carrots :) --- just as much as rawhides. Not to mention, the carrots are good gnaw material.

I'm glad your little Princess is doing better, BTW, Red. HGE scares the dickens out of me and I've never even had to deal with it. Here's hoping for a speedy and complete recovery.
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