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Rawhide question

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My Ginger loves rawhide and I have seen her swallow it sometimes in a large chunk. She's in very good health and doesn't seem to have any problems eating, but I do have a question...Does rawhide disolve in the tummy or does it just sit there?
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From Rawhide, Cow Hide--Are They Good or Bad for Your Pet?
It is important for a dog not to be able to chew off and swallow large pieces as this may cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. It is also important that the rawhide be large enough that the pet cannot swallow it whole. If a large piece is eaten, it is usually digested with time and rarely causes a surgical problem; however, it can make your pet uncomfortable.
Pets with a history of vomiting, diarrhea, allergies and who are on a special diet should not have rawhide until you check with your veterinarian. The material in the rawhide probably is not a problem for most dogs, although some can be allergic to it. The real problem is that some dogs have a tendency to swallow too large a piece of the rawhide and it can get stuck in their esophagus, stomach or intestines, and require surgical removal.
It's also prudent to purchase rawhide that originates and is prepared in the US. From Dangers of rawhide chews
Dr. John Wedeking, an Iowa veterinarian, remembers hearing about rawhide in the news.

“Reports of arsenic contamination popped up in papers once,” he says, but adds that it came from another country.

Since rawhide is not regulated in any way, it could happen again. These foreign hides may also contain other detrimental things such as antibiotics, lead, or insecticides that could adversely affect the health of your dog.
After having a dog almost choke to death on a rawhide I stopped giving them. I was in Petsmart yesterday getting cat food and looked out of curiosity to see where the rawhide was made-Argentina. :(

It's been years since Roady had something bone like to chew on as I just get too nervous. But while I was in Petsmart I said, "hey he's 10 years old, why not give him some enjoyment." I bought the largest corn-starch bone with bumps all over it-suppose to massage the gums. He liked it, although like "Mikey" he'll eat anything. ;) I don't think they're entirely safe but better than pigs ears, rawhide, bones and hooves, etc.
Random but, when Lucy was sick with what we thought was pancreatitis (sp?) the emergency vet she had to see one night asked me if she had had a rawhide or pig's ear lately. He thinks there might be some correlation. Of course he was a very young vet and admitted he had nothing to back that up, just his own experiences. She had had a raw hide right before the whole sickness started. I don't give them to mine - one just in case that vet is on to something, two - I'm afraid they will choke, and three - I think they get nasty. I do let mine chew on Nylabones, but watch them carefully when they get too small or when one looks like pieces are about to come off.

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