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Let start with the Background info.
My puppy is 7 months old.
he is diagnosed with Localized Demodectic Mange (I post a thread about it in this forum).

The vet recommended a very aggressive treatment of dipping him in minimum of 6 pesticide baths (mitaban). I am somewhat alarmed with all this just for a localized case. Mind you, he only have one bald spot near his front leg and a thinning patch on his chest. BTW, he also has dandruff.

So, I went to another vet for second opinion. The 2nd vet pretty much recommended me to just wait it out and let my puppy immune system takes care of the mange by itself, since demodex mite is common in all dogs. and about 80% dogs with localized case pretty much healed by itself. He told me if another patch shows up, then he will prescribe ivermectin treatment.

With a recommendation of a friend and one hollistic vet, we decided to change his diet (Nutro puppy kibble) to Taste of the Wild salmon formula because they do not use yeast and grain. The hollistic vet say that demodex mite feast on yeast. So, removing yeast completely from the diet can be helpful.
The hollistic vet also recommend introducing 25 % Raw Diet mixed to his Salmon kibble.

A month has passed and the patches start to disappear. to be quite honest, he is now a bit naughty and more energetic. and doesn't fart too often since I change his diet. his stool is usually yellow and runny when he is fed with Nutro. But, now takes on a firmer texture although the color is quite dark brown -> I am assuming this is due to the TOW salmon kibble. The kibble pretty much colored dark brown. While Nutro is light brown.

His skin looked generally healthier and he no longer has dandruff.
I am planning to increase the raw portion and decrease his kibbles.

But, before doing that, is there any of you can shed a bit light about raw diet? Pros? Cons? testimonies? anything will be helpful

1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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