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Random post :)

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Just thought I would update on Flash (because I like to talk about him!)

He is 10 weeks old now. Crazy lil dude for sure! He LOVES toes-and anything associated with them (shoes, socks, etc). He has a frog stuffed toy that squeaks that goes insane over and of course loves to chase balls. My 4 year old found out I wasn't lying that Flash could bust his bouncy ball if he didn't put it away-one bite at it and it was deflated (smaller than a basketball, but decent sized plastic ball).

I am still fighting the toe nail clipping issue. He NEVER stops moving! Same with his ears, I keep trying but it feels like a losing battle. Some day maybe he will let me pretend to win this battle.

A week ago he would lay across the front of wire kennel to sleep with plenty of extra room-now in order to lay there his head is turned down the side. Funny sight to see! Won't be long and he will be too long for his 24 inch kennel. But we knew that one was coming. I was just shocked at how much he has obviously grown-looking at him everyday I don't really notice.

I had asked about introducing him to my cats before I got him. We have a tortoise shell cat that was fine with my previous dog. However, my stray kitty HATED all dogs, she goes into hiding. So I figured she would be an issue (hell, she attacks us for no reason some days!). Yet she is the one that runs around chasing flash and letting him chase her, never using claws when pawing at him, never fluffs up her fur. They are quite the pair :) My other cat seems to torment him-sits just far enough for him to not be able to reach her but she has no problems hissing at him, smacking him with claws (although not hard, he did have one mark on the top of his head and that was it). He doesn't give up, he thinks Baby should play with him like Buddy does I guess! She just wants NOTHING to do with him at all.

I don't have any updated pics, they are on my hubby's phone. I need to get some though! Oh, another reason I know he has grown, his head can now reach up to the seat of our couch, before he had to kind of hop to get his paws up there. Won't be long and I will have another couch potato in the family!

If you read this far, you are brave :) I just wanted to talk about him, since my "friend" is mad I got a basset hound. Her mom had one that just lived in a kennel (she had someone give him to her, claiming it had been wandering on the highway). anyway, it got sick, her mom wanted it to just be put down, she couldn't afford a vet bill, but the vet said he was treatable. In the end the dog died at the vet's office, apparently he said it had heart cancer? I don't know how true that is. But she said she would never own them, they have too many issues. Yep, and so do rotties and labs, of which her dog is a combo of. As far as that goes, any dog can have health problems. But anyway, she won't let me brag about my puppy, just hear a ton of well when he costs you a fortune, don't whine to me about it, i will just say I told you so. Grrrrr. Why do some people always have to be negative??
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hee hee... loved reading the update on l'il Flash, who doesn't sound that l'il anymore. btw, have been meaning to tell you we LOVE your avatar pic w/your 4 year-old, sooooo cute!!! they look like they are enjoying each other.

no worries from this end re: sharing stories (you know i've told more than my share of Worm stories on this forum.... so can totally relate....!)

your story w/your friend reminds me of my ma... she couldn't believe i was getting this smelly, drooly, large thing, her co-worker had 2 long ago, and she remembers the stories of how disgusting they were... but, i told her she better get used to her new granddoggie Worm. he's here to stay. thinking back, i musta been influenced from waaaay back by a love of dogs since i was a kid, working at a shelter in high school, Copper in 'Fox & the Hound,' hush puppies, and my old doxie, whom I say Worm is a larger version of... my cousin was laughing at me for liking these 'un-dog dogs' with unnaturally long backs, shortie legs, and funny body shape... well, what can we say, xcept we love them, right???
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I totally agree with Worms mommy....keep the stories coming....I think my co workers get tired of hearing my "darling" Woody sister volunteers at a Kennel in Tennessee and she couldn't believe I'd want a smelly old hound..(not to mention she hates his name and his namesake). But my Woody smells wonderful. Everywhere I take him people love him....and I hear constantly "Bassets are my favorite"...and having been a previous standard weiner dog owner, I also agree that there is a resemblence:D....

Enjoy Flash, keep telling us his wonderful antics..and you will be amazed how fast he'll seems like just yesterday he couldn't see over the couch cushion good lord now he is twice as high and he's only 7 months.....
By the way....when he goes to Petco to get groomed..he is like a celebrity...every one loves him, he gets paraded around and the whole store knows him and tells of his antics....:p (like knocking down the wall btw his kennel and the girl st. bernard so they could chill together....

Can't wait to see more picts of Mr. Flash....

Woody Hayes and his mom
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LOL my friends call me crazy (basset) dog lady. They used to say "aaww" or "how cute!" when I told them stories Carlos' antics. Now they say "yeah yeah your dog is cute big deal" sheeshhh!
I never get tired reading stories about bassets so do keep em coming. Carlos and I demand photo updates :)
I never get tired of hearing basset stories either. Or seeing basset pics!:) But, I know what you mean about ppl not wanting to hear the basset stories. My family is the same way. They just don't seem very interested. And they NEVER ask about her. How odd. Oh well, lol. When my sister in law got a french bulldog, I never heard the end of it. And got almost daily picture updates.

p.s. Gracie is almost 13 weeks.(will be on wednesday) And her head doesn't reach the couch yet. Flash is going to be a big boy!
Basset stories certainly don't bother us either!

I could talk about Annie for days at a time...and sometimes do! In fact I thought maybe I was overly fanatical about my dog until this forum LOL. We are all the same...Basset fans :)
Thank you for sharing your story, and no, I never ever get tired of hearing basset stories, and seeing basset pictures! Boomer is my very first basset, and believe me, I've shared more than enough stories and pictures of him!

I do think this breed gets a very bad rap; they are smelly, stupid, couch potatoes, shed too much, drool too much, etc, etc. Surprise, surprise, ANY DOG can be any of the above!

And of all the people to fall in love with my dog was my mother-in-law! She tolerates dogs, but is a dedicated cat person. However, when she first met baby Boomer, she absolutely fell in love with him, and when he goes to visit her, she makes sure she has cookies for him.

If I'm fanatical about my dog, then lock me up and throw away the key!
How can anyone resist a basset and the stories that come with them? Unfathomable to me! Yes, keep them coming.

Talk about growing...Winston has discovered the fine art of counter surfing. He's a stubborn one, so breaking that habit will be tough. Persistence...Molly is better about it now, so he'll learn too. Seems like just yesterday, he couldn't climb on the sofa himself, now he can climb on everything. I'm praying he doesn't do the "basset standing on the counter" routine. Puppyhood goes by so fast...that's good and bad ;)
Talk about growing...Winston has discovered the fine art of counter surfing.
Hey Winston... high-five!

- Carlos -
my parents think I'm a labrador.
they keep taking me to the swimming pool.
i'm pretty good at swimming i guess, but don't love it.
but it keeps me cooler when we're out there.
quite the quandry.
Gandy tore a toe nail this morning. He didn't notice. He just ran around the house leaving blood everywhere. It looked like the set of a slasher movie. Thank God we don't have carpet.
A neighbor from a few doors down came into the store and through my line today. I asked him if he had seen my new member of the family. He sounded all excited and said that he had seen a cute lil puppy the other day, and asked what he was. When I told him basset hound, his whole face changed-no longer much excitement. I guess he had gotten a basset years ago and after 6 months of it still not being potty trained, he got rid of it. He told me good luck, they aren't very quick to learn.

He said it peed next to his bed every night. So they tried to kennel him and he would go potty in there too. So he got fed up and gave the dog to the shelter :( Poor doggy! And that is why I am soooooo happy I found this group and all you wonderful people and doggies-I had more of an idea of what we were getting into, instead of oh look what a cute lil puppy!

Oh, another funny Flash story. He loves his frog and basically any stuffed animal for that matter. Swings them around, tries to run with them in his mouth (and trips over them all the time), very funny to watch. But I have this decent sized collection of rottweiler stuffed animals. He loves playing with them too, but the biggest one the most. However, we had to put it up because every time Flash gets ahold of it, he kind of, how to say this....has too much fun with it? He is only 10 weeks old and should not be trying to have "relations" with a stuffed dog that is his size! And that is the ONLY toy he does this to, so it has been banned far away from Flash's reach (don't really feel like explaining to the kids what he is doing lmao!)

Today, we found out he is getting his bark in good! He was mad that Baby (my stuck up 11 year old cat) wouldn't come play with him. We have never heard more than the whiny, high pitched puppy bark until today! It was deep and long, very cute. hubby and I were both so excited about, probably ridiculously so!
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