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Hi Lottes Mama,

I posted this before and this might have some info if you want to look more into it...

Re: grapes (and raisins!):
I didn't know anything about grapes either. I grew up (awhile ago) feeding my old dog lots and lots of grapes without problems. There wasn't a warning about them back then. The warning has just come up in the past dozen years. They don't know how grapes result in kidney failure in dogs, exactly, or what's in/on them that causes it (ie. fungus? pesticide? bacteria? etc...)

I did look into it a bit, and found that although in many cases, a large quantity was ingested, in some cases, it was just a few (like 6 or 7 grapes, if memory serves). Also that in some dogs, they had eaten grapes before without problems, but that just that one incident, had an adverse reaction.

Overall, kidney failure from grapes is rare, and death is even more rare. but does happen, in the case of the poor puggie...
But I did decide before I wouldn't be feeding Worm grapes anytime soon...

Anyways, here's more info in case you're interested:

Grape and raisin toxicity in dogs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thanks for the reminder on this-- important to know.
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