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i am constantly having these scares. Bowser is the worst dog i've ever had for finding and getting into things (i blame the nose). This last one was a bottle of adult chewable the heavy duty high potency kind. Luckily it had only everything in the rainbow but iorn, so he just got sick to his stomach and felt bad for 24 hours instead of the rush to the vet for the iron overdose. This dog makes my hair fall out.

I'm sorry for your friend. I can't stand the guilt and fear when he does this to me, so i can't even imagine the sorrow and horror of actually having to put your dog down and blaming yourself. She has my sympathy and really, it's not all her fault...if they want something they try their hardest to get it at it. They're just being animals.
(This only marginally helps to remember) but i feel bad she feels bad : (
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