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Symondneil quote:"But to euthanize the dog also very cruel too...any other suggestion? "

My opinion based on experience:

When my husband's former wife passed away she left him her much loved 6 year old dachshund,Hansel. Hansel was extremely aggressive, and was a biter. The people he bit were friends of the family, so my husband had never been sued. He was lucky.And because Hansel had belonged to his deceased wife, he was devoted to him.

I dealt with Hansel for 10 years until he passed away at the age of 16, and I cried when he died, but managing him was a 24/7 proposition. It was very very hard.

There is an online group called Agbeh that gives advice and support for folks dealing with aggression issues. There are behaviorists who can offer advice on dealing with aggression. But honestly, in my opinion most people are not up to this challenge if the dog is truly a danger to others.

Passing a dog like this on to someone else is not an option. There are legal issues involved, and the dog can end up in a sad downward spiral of abuse and neglect.

In some cases euthanasia is not cruel, it's necessary.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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