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Philly Dawg see article dated Feb 1 "Corbett Names Ag Secretary"

George Greig replaces Russell Redding, a Rendell appointee, who has accepted a position as a dean at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown.
“George Greig is an experienced farmer, businessman and leader,” Corbett said. “His record of success and service makes him an ideal choice to lead this important state agency.”
Greig, 59, has held many positions within the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau, where he has served as the State Board Director for the past six years. Before that, he served as Crawford County Farm Bureau President for eight years.
As secretary Greig will be responsible for overseeing the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement and enforcing the dog law governing licensed kennels.
The Farm Bureau was one of the leading opponents of HB 2525, the legislation that would in 2008 become the new state dog law. In testimony before the House Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee in June 2008, a farm bureau official told the committee "we do not support establishment of mandated standards of animal care that are arbitrary or based subjectively on what is 'good' for the animal."
The bureau opposed the solid flooring requirement, the cage size increase and the mandatory exercise requirements - or even the requirement making kennel license revocation mandatory in cases where a kennel owner has been convicted on animal cruelty (a provision that has since been used to shut down at least one major, chronic law violator - Derbe Eckhart, owner of Almost Heaven kennel in Lehigh County.who is currently serving a prison sentence for animal cruelty.)
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