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We made a 150 mile trip up into the Rocky Mountains today. Wasn't able to take the hounds :( , but I thought I'd share the pictures. Digger doesn't like to ride more than a few miles anyways, but Dozer would have loved it.

Plus, would a Basset chew gum to keep his ears from popping.

Too many tall trees to make their mark on.

Colorado could put a few gaurd rails along the road, looking down the roads edge.

They only put gaurd rails where you park!

Not quite one of our 14000 footers, but at least 11000 feet high.
(that's not smoke in front of it, it's a cloud)


Whew, since I had problems getting cyberhound site to come up on my computer, I finally got it to work today (cypberhound withdrawl is not a pretty picture) and boy, let me tell ya, those pictures are gorgeous. We lived in Colorado for about five years and would go camping every chance we got. The pictures brought back wonderful memories of our first two bassets camping in the woods. You are right about too many trees and not enough time to mark them all (that's from Alex (ATB))!!!
Thanks for the memories.

Marie and Abby
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