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quick question...

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okay, JD is turning 10 months next wednesday!!! he's doing great! the last time i posted, i spoke about his shedding. yes, his white hairs were coming out first, and just 2 weeks ago, his darker hairs started coming off. and now, and whoa, it's just got crazier! i gave him his bath before it started getting warm here in san francisco. and when i finished drying him and brushing him, he looked all nice and clean. i came back 2 hours later, when he was totally dry, and his fur started falling out when i pet him! talk about molting!! he lost a whole basset in the hour i brushed him!!! it was amazing!!! but he's all clean now and shedding less, well, less after the brushing. so we'll see how that goes. thank you again to all those that comforted me with my shedding little JD.

but here's my question...JD is almost 10 months, and he has yet to learn how to raise his leg while peeing. he's done it once, totally on his own. and he's done it a couple of times if there's something higher to step on, like a ledge or if he's in a hole. so what's the deal? are bassets physically unable to lift their legs while peeing? i take him to the dog park, and either he doesn't pay attention to the other dogs doing it cuz he's too busy playing, or he has balance issues. the one time i saw him do it, he had it up for like a second, but started falling forward and then had to finish with all four on the floor. i just crack up with the little guy. i hope he learns to pee with his leg up soon!!! i don't want other dogs laughing at him at the park.

here's the little guy looking at me with this flashing silver box in his face

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Awww, what a cute little face he has! I wouldn't worry about the leg -- bassets ARE able to do it, George does it, but I've had male puppies of other breeds who squatted to pee well after their first birthdays and one boy who never DID lift his leg (and one girl who DID lift her leg, I found that hilarious since she was the Queen of the Pack around here). Some of them take longer to get onto the idea, and having other boys around to show them doesn't seem to help. He'll do it when he's ready.
Love his posture! :D

I'm sure he'll learn to pee in a properly macho way!
Even my females lift a leg now and then....
your question reminded me of when we got our first dog a cross chow/old english sheepdog, my husband had no experience of dogs and after a year Bruwyn still didn't lift his leg he got rather worried about this and I told him as his father he had to get down on all fours and show him what to do. I told him before he did it but we have had many a laugh about it.(Bruwyn did manage to lift a leg but only after about 18 months)
Oliver at 6 still doesn't consientantly raise a leg. He will on walks or if something in the yard is particularly great but otherwise he is a strike a pose kind of guy. Also depends on the urgency of the call, the more urgent need will be a pose. Which is funny because he has longer legs than our other basset did. Oh well he's my guy and he has never been accused of playing with a full deck :lol:
Moe used to squat and pee like a girl. I used to think that, with his stubby little legs, he'd be unbalanced and topple over if he lifted one of them. Imagine my surprise when we got Tally and he began to mark over her spots... by lifting his leg! I thought he'd finally gotten the idea but, though he lifts to mark, he STILL squats to pee like a girl... :roll:

Terry :)
Jake (usually) still squats like a girl and he's six years old. Harvey lifts his leg like a proper dog (even though he's twice Jake's size/weight) and sometimes Jake copies him.
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